2000 And One

The Needs Of The Many EP (Incl. Diego Amura Remix)

2000 And One needs no introduction. A true techno legend, he’s one of the longest serving artists of our scene with a diverse and prolific release catalogue. After debuting on OFF with a remix in 2018, he’s back with his first EP. „The Needs Of The Many“ kicks the release off, with an energetic groove and alternating phases of stripped back toolishness and a spacy pad. Italy’s Diego Amura steps up as a remixer, creating a raw groove monster topped by an infectious synth hook on the basis of the EP’s title track. „Inca Moves“ offers a raw and oldschoolish groove topped by in-your-face synth licks. A killer tool. „Brace Yourself“ finishes the EP with a toolish groove ceomplemented by hypnotic chords, and some oldschool-ish vocal chants.

Buy / Stream: https://off.fanlink.to/2000-And-One


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