Off Podcast #51

Mixed by Auriga

Check Auriga’s current release on OFF Recordings here:

Listen to all our releases via our ‘OFF Techno’ playlist:

1. Sauren Kids – Trippy Sunday (Original Mix) Label: Austro
2. David Löhlein – Subrelict (Original Mix) Label: Counter Pulse
3. David Löhlein – Exo (Original Mix) Label: Gynoid Audio
4. DJ Physical, DJ Bigspin – Human Cannonball (Original Mix) Label: Life in Patterns
5. Keith Carnal – MNML (Original Mix) Label: Second Degree
6. Sera J – The Fort (Original Mix) Label: Out of Place
7. Daniel Ladox – Useful Pain (David Phoenix Remix) Label: Shadow Wulf
8. SLT – Melt (Original Mix) Label: Acerbus Records
9. d3bAU4 – No One Believes In Me (Original Mix) Label: 0UT
10. Oscar Sanchez – Squirrel (Original Mix) Label: Rawsery
11. Auriga (SP) – Spherical Coordinates (Original Mix) Label: OFF Recordings
12. Auriga (SP)- Hemisphere (Original Mix) Label: OFF Recordings
13. Jastice – Go With The Flow (Original Mix) Label: Voxnox
14. Claas Herrmann – Shady Prospects (Original Mix) Label: Suara
15. Rohar – Incubate (Original Mix) Label: OFF Recordings
16. Auriga (SP) – Durga (Original Mix) Unreleased
17. TineX – Immortality (Original Mix) Finder Records
18. Jerome Keys – Condition 5 (Original Mix) Label: Hypnohaouse Trax

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