Radio 18

Mixed by Andre Crom

Welcome to episode 18 of the OFF Recordings Radio show. This week i present you the first hour of my set from the 21st september at Sisyphos. I felt lucky to get a lastminute booking there, just a couple of day after moving back to Berlin from Barcelona. A three hours slot at Sisyphos is always great fun, because you can really play what you want there, as the sound system is a killer and the audience is really open minded. So i selected tons of tracks that i never played before and played a set of quite puristic underground techno. Enjoy the first hour.

Thanks for listening guys, that’s it for the first hour. Within the next week i’ll add the next 2 parts. As always, you can find more information on me and off by visiting our website or by just entering my name andre crom or off recordings into google. See you again next week!

Sorry no tracklist

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